Punjabi Sufi Poetry


Alif Allah Chambay di Booti is the most famous Kafi by Hazrat Sultan Bahu, loved and admired by people of Punjab across the world for its heart touching poetry. It is a verse in praise of Peer or Murshid, which sowed seed of Tusawaaf in Mureed.


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Alif Allah Chambe Di Booti, Murshid Mann Wich Laai Hoo
Nafee Asbaat Da Pani Milia, Har Raggey Harjaae Hoo.
Andar Booti Mushk Machaya, Jaan Phullaan Te Aae Hoo
Jeevey Murshid Kaamil Bahoo, Jain Eh Booti Laee Hoo


My Spiritual Mentor implanted within my heart seeds of Allah’s name
I am watered down with the teaching that only Your reality is real, rest is denial
The seeds he sowed have blossomed fragrance of truth, my being is filled with God’s perfume
May the perfect Master live long wh cultivated these seeds in my being. 



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